Lego Juniors #10726 Stephanie’s Horse Carriage

Girl Child got Legos for Christmas too. She likes the Friends sets, which is understandable as they are designed to appeal to the girls. This particular set is part of the Juniors line designed for the younger builders who are moving out of the Duplos. A set with an animal seemed like the perfect match for her. The build on this is small enough to keep a 4-year-old’s attention. With help, she was able to complete the full build in one sitting. I handed her the pieces and showed her where to put them, and she pushed them into place.

The set comes with Stephanie from the Friends family. It also has the horse and carriage, a table for storing the saddle and brush, a small stable front with a bucket, a fence, and a crate holding a pitchfork. While there is not a lot of playability with the set, Girl Child loves the mini doll and the horse.

All of the set pieces

And the whole thing together




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