Lego Minecraft #21125 The Jungle Tree House

I really enjoy this Lego set. It has several mechanical features that make for a lot of playability. It comes with six figures. Steve with iron helmet and iron axe, Alex with diamond pickaxe, skeleton with bow, creeper, sheep, and an ocelot. This is the only set with an ocelot and it is adorable! This is plenty of figures to set up a nice little fight. Although the ocelot will scare the creeper away.

The set is a nice size with just over 700 pieces. It has trees, vines, steps, cocoa pods, obsidian cubes, a chest, a crafting table, a bed, and a pen for the sheep. The ground is made up of grass, water, sand, and lava. As usual, the base has bricks protruding to encourage extensions and creativity.




The mechanical features include working gates on the sheep pen, a slider that activates a trapdoor, a waterfall elevator with a stop to hold it in place at the top, and a pivot base to topple the bottom steps. You can see all of these in action in the video.



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