Lego Star Wars #75131 Resistance Trooper Battle Pack

This set was another one that Boy Child received for Christmas. It includes 4 minifigures and a small ship. These small sets really are a great size for Boy Child’s age (7 years old). He can build it quickly and it has plenty of figures for play.

This set includes 3 resistance troopers, each with a different head, and one resistance officer. The troopers’ helmets are great! The chin cover lifts up! The yellow faceguard is part of the main section of the helmet. The details on the troopers bodies are very nice. The officer has less detail, but does have a rank pin on the left side of the chest.

The small speeder ship is very basic. It has a small space for a pilot to sit where he has only a joystick type of controller. There is a stud-shooter gun mounted on the back with room for a trooper to stand behind to man it. The angle is awkward for fitting the gun into the trooper’s hand. Two cannons are mounted on the right side of the front of the speeder. The back has two orange engine pod covers that add a much-needed spot of color.


Overall, the battle pack does what it should do, which is provide a number of minifigures at a good price. It is a perfect size build for young kids. They can finish it quickly and without help from a grown up.




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