Lego Creator #10254 Winter Holiday Train

Lego released a Winter Holiday Train in 2016. This comes from the Creator line and is listed at the expert level for ages 12+. This particular train is not motorized, however, the parts needed to make it an RC train and how to insert them are included in the instructions. With two little kids in the house, we decided against making this have a motor. We have the GeoTrax set for that since it is designed with the toddler treatment in mind and it is virtually indestructible.

This set comes with a circular track, which you can certainly add-on to if you want a longer route for your train.

The husband and Boy Child worked on this train together and they had it completed and running in a couple of hours. Even Girl Child got in on the action and helped put together the bench section. So while this is listed as an expert level set, it really can be enjoyed by the whole family together.

Five minifigures come in the set: the engineer, the conductor, a mom, and two kids (girl and boy). None of the minifigures are exclusive pieces. I will point out the boy is wearing a jacket from the deep sea theme!

The train cars include the engine, the coal car, a flatbed, and the dining car/caboose. The addition of the white branches with the bright lights on the sides of the coal car and caboose were a welcome touch to brighten up the set. The engine has wreaths gracing its sides and a puff of smoke while the flatbed has a cargo area for presents and a small decorated tree. Under the tree is…a mini train! Very clever addition to the design. In addition to having the tree surrounded by a train, moving the train along the tracks causes the tree to spin – a bonus mechanical component to the build! The caboose has lanterns hanging in the front and back as well as saloon styles doors. The blue roof is removable so you can place a minifigure at the table with the lamp and cup. The inside area of the caboose and of the engine are very small, barely big enough to fit a minifigure. The set of mini presents is adorable. My favorites are the robot and the sail boat.

Overall, the colors are bright and merry, with lots of green, red, and gold along with accents of white. It feels very festive! The styling is like a toy train rather than trying to look like a real one. More of a station would be a great addition to this set to make it feel complete. Or a station next year for the Winter Village line??? This set should fit in very nicely with the Winter Village collection, which I believe I will start collecting now that the kids are old enough to help out. This has also been our first foray into the world of Lego trains, which was a big part of the reason to purchase the set. The husband has been eying up the trains for quite a while now.








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