Morphibians Killer Whale RC


The Boy Child, who is 6-years-old, has been asking for a remote control car. He had one his older cousin gave him as a hand-me-down, which proved too fragile for 3-year-old Girl Child’s style of play. I saw the Morphibians by Kid Galaxy and thought we should give it a try. I found it appealing because it goes on water as well as on land, which is unusual for an RC car. I picked out the Killer Whale because the Boy Child loves all things ocean and I preferred the sleek black and white styling of the killer whale model over the somewhat frog-like style of the shark model (The Boy Child is CRAZY about sharks though so I told him this was a shark car and he bought it at first; then he pointed out that the tail is whale shaped. Too smart for his own good!)

The car takes 3 AA batteries. You may want to consider using rechargeable batteries as our car seems to go through them quickly, even when we turned the car off after playing.  Two layers of screw-in covers help protect the batteries from the water.




The remote takes 2 AAA batteries.


As you can see in the following picture, the remote has two joysticks. The one on the left controls the wheels on the left side of the car and the one on the right controls the wheels on the right side of the car. Push both up to go forward, both down to go backward, and operate them independently to turn.


The car handled well on all of the floors in the house, including carpet. We took it outside and tried it in the yard and garden. It was able to handle the gravel and dirt well. Grass slowed it down a little and the clumpiness of our grass caused the car to get stuck a few times. With the independently operating wheels, I could get it backed out of any places where it got stuck. Although it tipped up on its back end a couple times, the car never flipped over. When it was tipped up, putting it in reverse got it back on all four wheels again. While this is not a fast car, the speed was fine for a 6-year-old and a 3-year old.

Finally, the big test! Does it really drive on water? The answer, a resounding yes! We filled the tub and set the car in. It moves slower on water than it does on land. The controls work just the same, although the car drifts when you stop steering it, which can make it a little harder to control. Seeing a car drive on water was such an excitement for both the kids that they don’t want to use it any other way now. This summer we will have to give it a try at the lake. The instructions do say to keep it out of salt water, so beware and do not take it to the ocean, or in our case, the Bay, otherwise we would have already tried it on open water.

The car takes in quite a bit of water and you will notice that the back end sits lower in the water than the front end. After driving  the car in water, you need to make sure to drain it well and let it dry out to prevent damage to the insides. You can see how much water pours out when you drain it.


My final thoughts on the Morphibians Killer Whale: This car is fun to drive, tough enough to survive a 3-year-old, and unusual in its ability to drive on both land and water equally well. I believe it will be a well-used addition to the toy collection.

Works on carpet – Yes

Works on grass – Can get stuck if grass is clumpy

Works on water – YES!

Controller – Independent joysticks for left side and right side

Battery life – Short in car. remote lasts longer

Durable – Yes

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