Plants vs Zombies mini-figure set

PvZ set

Boy Child has recently developed a fascination with Plants vs Zombies. He saw this set at the store and just had to have it in his life. It includes 6 figures ranging in size from 1.5 inches to 2.5 inches. The figures have very nice detail for their size. The scuba zombie even has a back pocket on his pants and a graphic on his shirt. The zombies are a little difficult to get standing sometimes. As you can see in the picture below, the scuba zombie has uneven feet because of the flipper on only one foot which makes him lean to the right. The cherry bombs really do not stand up on their own since they are rounded on the bottom. Even if you can get them to stand up, they fall over very quickly. The others stand up very well and are sturdy on their feet.

The included figures are the Yeti zombie,

IMG_3813  IMG_3814


IMG_3815  IMG_3816

standard zombie,

IMG_3817  IMG_3818

cherry bomb,

IMG_3819  IMG_3820

scuba zombie,

IMG_3821  IMG_3823

and squash.

IMG_3824  IMG_3826

My son is absolutely loving these. He even made a “lawn” with a “pool” out of construction paper so that he can act out the game. He has been playing with these for most of the day now.

IMG_3752  IMG_3751

I read some reviews on Amazon in which people stated that their toys broke after only a few days. Ours have been holding up to daily play for a full week now with no signs of any problems, even after 3-year-old Girl Child got a hold of them. At this point, I would love to see more in this line of toys so that Boy Child can have more of his favorites. He would like sunflower, more types of zombies, and more peashooters. Really, he would like one of each kind that you get in the game. He has already asked for the some of the bigger figures from a different series that are sold in two packs and have many more types of zombies and plants.



After many weeks of play, we had two of the characters break. The regular zombie lost an arm and the peashooter stem came off of the base. The arm went back on with a dab of superglue and has stayed together since with no sign of weakening. The peashooter was more difficult to repair. It is a very weak point holding up a lot of weight. I have had to glue it back together a couple of times now.


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