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Very similar to BzzAgent, I have also signed up for Smiley360. They call theirs missions rather than campaigns, but the overall idea is the same. I will discuss the differences as I get further into it.

The idea is to create word-of-mouth advertising through honest reviews by product consumers. These reviews can then help to sell the product if they are positive, or they can help the client company improve the product is the reviews are negative. Some of their recent clients have included Arm & Hammer, OxyClean, and philosophy. Based on what I see on the website, the products reviewed by Smiley360 are food, household products, and pet products.

Their description say that they will send out samples, products, or coupons for their missions. You sign up then fill out surveys as they pop up on your account. Your answers to the surveys determine if you are a match for that mission. If you are not a match, they link you to coupons for the products that are being reviewed. As with BzzAgent, you can link to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts. Reports can also by done about face-to-face conversations about the product. They have an introductory mission that you need to complete that includes posts to Facebook, Tweets, and face-to-face reports.

The website is user-friendly. In addition to your account dashboard, they also have Smiley Connect where you can post comments about featured products, and The Be Heard Be Happy Blog.

Update: After a month I finally received a mission. This one will be to visit a Sleep Number store with the kids to test out their new kids beds. After I complete the mission, I will receive a pillow.


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