Strictly Briks Stacking Plates

I ordered these to supplement my son’s Lego supply. Many sets do not come with good base plates, at least not the sets he likes with vehicles or space ships. I found these base plates, with the bonus stacking pieces, on Amazon. They had good reviews overall so I figured I would give them a try since they cost so much less than Lego. Off-brand building bricks can be very hit or miss, with most of them being a miss. The reviews on these sounded pretty good overall, across their entire line, with good compatibility with Lego brand bricks. I have bought others before that only had OK compatibility so I wasn’t too hopeful. The price was right for giving them a try though.

The first set I ordered was in lime green and came with 4 base plates and 30 stacking pieces. These base plates are 6×6. They also come in 10×10 and 15.75×15.75 size. After getting the first set, I also ordered a pack with 10 base plates and 80 stacking pieces in robin egg blue. They have many other colors available too, such as black, white, light grey, dark grey, light green, dark green, blue, turquoise, sky blue, lavender, purple, pink, gold, sand, yellow, red, clear, and clear colors. They also make plates and bricks compatible with the larger Duplo bricks.

IMG_3767  IMG_4025

The base plates are similar in thickness to, although a little more bendable than, those made by the Lego company. I tried several different shapes and sizes of bricks on these plates. They all stuck well, not too loose, not too tight, even for very long bricks and plates from Lego. I have to say that the compatibility was better than I expected. Other off-brand base plates I have ordered have been a little tight to fit with longer Lego bricks and the bricks would start to pop off

IMG_3771   IMG_4141

The color of these plates is very similar to those made by Lego. I have a picture showing them together so you can see the difference is very minor. They will blend into your building sets just fine.

IMG_3769    IMG_4143

The biggest difference between these plates and ones made by Lego (besides the branding printed on the studs of Lego products) is the backside of the plates. I have a side by side comparison photo. The bottoms of these connect fine with bigger bricks, but I think there could be a problem if you are trying to do more intricate builds that require studs attached to the bottom of the plate. If you are using these as the floor/base or roof then they will do the job nicely.

IMG_3768  IMG_4142
I can see myself getting more base plates from this company in additional colors and maybe some of the 10×10 plates as well for bigger builds. We certainly spend enough time building Lego in this house.

Update 6/20/16

OK, I did end up with more base plates. This time I tried the Duplo size ones. They are just as great as the others. These plates are 7.5″ x 7.5″ and they are a perfect fit with the Lego brand Duplos. The only thing I did not like about them is that no bricks can attach to the underside of the plates, unlike with the Lego brand ones.

IMG_4180-2   IMG_4182

Overall, I can’t say enough good thinks about this brand of building block plates. They really have made a commitment to high quality product. Way to go Strictly Briks!

Update 11/15/16

I can’t help myself! I LOVE these base plates. This time Girl Child got some. The company came out with round plates and changed the stacking pieces to make them more stable. I picked up a set of 8 inch round magenta plates. They perform just as well as the square ones and Girl Child loves the round shape. She calls it her cake tower.

The bottom is a little different from the square plates. There is a group of connectors in the middle and at the edges for connecting bricks.


The stacking bricks are now 2×2 instead of 1×2. This is a change for all stacking pieces, including those that come with the square plates. Now that they are deeper, you can use them as a place to store the little minifigure accessories inside like a closet!










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