Roasted pumpkin seeds 3 ways

I carved out some nice big pumpkins for Halloween this year. With those pumpkins come lots of seeds. I happen to like roasted pumpkin seeds, especially when they are well seasoned. This year I went in search of new recipes to try. I used the tried and true cinnamon/sugar mix. I also used a pumpkin spice sugar mix I found at the grocery store. And I went completely different for the last one and used a recipe that reminds me of comforting Italian foods.

I found this guide to roasting pumpkin seeds, along with several different recipes, including the pizza flavor one and the cinnamon/sugar one that I used this year. Even my picky eater kids liked the flavors (though not so much the texture) of these roasted pumpkin seeds. Give them a try and let me know what you think!

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