Sands Alive play set

Girl Child got this set for Christmas. She loves playing with sand and never turns down an opportunity.

The set comes with several nice pieces. It has a small tray to play in and several molds that are in an ice cream and cake theme.

The sand has a great feel. It is soft and squishes very nicely between your fingers. It holds its shape beautifully when molded. This “ice cream” has been together for about 10 minutes without losing shape. The movement is more like regular sand rather than having a flow like the kinetic sands.

I am very happy that I put the play mat down when we got this sand out. The tray was far too small to hold in the play of a 4-year-old. Sand was everywhere! At least with the mat, it was contained and not all over the floor. It is also very dusty. Unlike some of the other sands on the market, this one is just as messy as regular play sand. It acts like wet flour when it gets on clothes, very difficult to brush off. Fortunately it washes off well in the washing machine.


Soft feeling sand

Nice mix of molds

Holds shape well


Very dusty and messy

Final thoughts:

My daughter loves to play with this. I groan inwardly when she asks for this set because it is so messy and dusty. I would not buy Sands Alive again because of the dustiness.




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