Shark card for teacher

Boy Child had a wonderful teacher for Kindergarten. Really, we couldn’t have asked for a better experience for him. For his graduation, I made her some bath bombs and a hand-made card. I have only made a couple of cards, so I am brand new at this. Since Boy Child is fascinated with sharks and talked about them at length many times at school, I knew that a shark card was the only choice. I decided to try an artsy technique and paint the paper with watercolors to blend blues and green for an underwater look. I used eye droppers to apply the paint and then brushed it around to cover the entire paper. I used Colorations liquid watercolors from Discount School Supply. I first dropped the blue, then the turquoise, then the green. I didn’t quite get the drops spread before they started to saturate the paper so it looks pretty splotchy with the blue when it is still wet. I like the finished look though. It is a technique I will have to play with some more to get a variety of looks.


For a nice, clean fold on the card, I use the Martha Stewart Crafts scoring board and envelope tool. (I love this thing. It is so easy to use.)

I found the shark clip art online because I was running out of time to try to make something on my own. I trimmed it close and glued it down with rubber cement.


A quick thank you sentiment inside and voila, a shark card for his teacher!

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