Review – Silicone Ice Pop Molds


We go through a ton of freezy pops between the two kids in this house. With these, I can make my own and have them on hand all the time. All I need to do is get them in the fridge before bedtime so they are ready the next day.
The pops are bigger than the ones you get at the store in the little plastic tubes. The kids eat 2-3 of the store bought ones per sitting. They were satisfied with just one of these. For a first try, I froze some tang and some lemonade. To serve, I first ran the pop under warm water to loosen up the sides and then handed them over. The 6 year old was able to manipulate the tube with no trouble. The 3 year old needed a little help because hers kept slipping back down inside due to the tapered shape. She got the hang of it pretty quickly though. In the end, she had the process down and the older one ended up spilling on his shirt! Cleaning these is easy when you are using a water/sugar base that won’t stick to the silicone. For other recipes that may have more of a stickiness factor, you will need some type of small scrub brush to get deep inside to clean the bottom. I usually hand wash silicone, but these may need to go into the dishwasher occasionally to get a deep clean.
The company sends a link to an e-book with 60 recipes. These include fruit and veggie recipes, yogurt based recipes, fruit recipes, Christmas recipes, and some other various recipes.Of course, you can always do like me and use Kool-Aid or juice to make pops if you don’t want to get fancy. The fruit and veggies recipes, of course, are a way to hide healthy vegetables in a sweet format. The blueberry recipe includes blueberries, yogurt, spinach, milk and honey all blended together for example.

The only downside I can see to these is that you need to freeze them in a cup since they will not stand upright on their own. As you can see, it is not that big of an obstacle to overcome.


Once they are frozen, you can store them however you like, just be sure that the lid is on securely. It is not enough to keep liquids from pouring out, but it is enough to stop frozen pops from sliding out. I had one pop that was slightly overfilled and the lid would not stay all the way in. The pops were stored on an angle in the freezer door and a little bit of lemonade leaked out. This was probably a combination of overfilling, tilted pop, and location on the door where it is not as cold as deeper in the freezer. It wasn’t a big spill though. Only a small amount leaked despite all of those factors.


They hold a large amount, much more than store bought ice pops

The sky is the limit on the ingredients you can use, you are not limited to flavoring, sugar, and water

Fun colors for the kids

Difficult to clean the very bottom

Probably too big for a toddler

Have to use something to hold them upright while they freeze

Here is the link to the set of ice pop molds that I bought Silicone Ice Pop Molds



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