SnapTite U-Wing Model

These SnapTite models go together quickly, even for an 8-year-old. Once it is put together, the U-wing ship is solid and you have to pry at pieces to get them to come apart. Girl Child even dropped this a couple of times and not a single piece threatened to come off. They are indeed snapped tight.

Boy Child built the AT-ACT model previously. That one has taken a beating and is still in excellent shape. This model is from the same movie, Rogue One, as the AT-ACT. I was awed by this ship as soon as I saw it and I have bought a number of different models of it (for Boy Child of course – not for me! We have this one, the die cast, the Lego, the action figure size…).

The SnapTite models don’t have a lot of detail to them. They are not battle scarred and beat up like they are in the movie. They look more like the factory floor model with pristine white accented with blue and yellow markings.

This model had some very small pieces to it. My husband almost threw one piece away because he didn’t notice it in the packaging. Make sure to check your pieces against the inventory before throwing out the packaging! Also keep small children and pets away until the model is done.

The wings open out like in the movie. They move smoothly and it is easy to change their position. 5-year-old Girl Child figured it out on her own without ever having seen these wing move to know that they could.

You can see two little pilots inside the cockpit. They are plain white and extremely tiny. We didn’t build the model right away after opening the box and I was worried that these guys were going to get lost.

A button on the back cause the cockpit to light up and also plays two different sounds of engines and lasers shooting. That is the favorite part of these models for the kids.

Everyone in my family prefers these models to the action figure sized ones. Maybe it is because the kids are not that into the action figures? Maybe it is because the size is more manageable for them? Maybe because of the sound effects? Or all of the above put together? I like this size better because it takes up much less space and it is just as durable as the action figure ships. Which one do you like better?


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