So easy kids pajama pants


It is moving into cooler weather now and Boy Child needed some warmer pajamas. Since it is difficult to find shark pajamas for winter, I decided to make him some fleece bottoms in his favorite team fabric instead. Despite the fact that he doesn’t ever watch football, he still loves his hometown football team. They sell this NFL fabric at Joann’s in the Baltimore area. The pajama pants are from a pattern I found here at the Cloth Parcel. They only take two matching pieces and there is no defined front or back to them. The pattern is free and comes in sizes from 6 months to 8 years.


What you need:


3/4 inch non-roll elastic




Cut out two matching pieces.

Lay them right sides together and sew down the top curves on each side.


Match the curved seams together to make two pant legs. Sew up one inseam and down the other in one continuous line.


To hem the bottom of the legs, fold up 1/4 inch and press…


…then fold up 3/4 inch and press. Stitch all the way around each hem.


For the waistband, fold over 1/4 inch and press…


…then fold over 1 inch and press.


Sew around to make a casing, leaving a 2 inch opening to insert the elastic.

Cut the elastic to size and insert. Overlap the ends of the elastic and sew together.


Sew the opening closed and you are done!


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