Star Wars X-Wing Design N Display 3D Paper Model Kit


A while ago, Boy Child and I put together the Tie Fighter model. We had a lot of fun and it looks great hanging from his bedroom ceiling. Now that summer break is ending, we finally put together the X-wing model to join the fight. Building this model was a whole different beast. Ugh! I repeat Ugh! If there hadn’t been children around, the words coming out would have been much worse. What a major pain this thing was to put together. Many of the slots needed to be widened to readily fit the tabs. And then parts needed to be bent and then fitted into place while holding them in a bent position, but not too bent, with four or five different folds in them that fit into part of a roughly tubular shape that didn’t hold its shape steady until it all fit together. Then push it all together without bending the little pieces on the side. Did that sound hard? Cause it was! Then there is a full length bottom piece. Only, to get the bottom piece to fit all of the tabs into the slots you need to be able to bend the top, but to do that you need to take off one of the pieces that you just put on in order to get the bend that you need. Things got personal after a while and I ended up bringing out the glue just to get it done. This was definitely NOT a project that my 6-year-old could complete beyond the first two steps. As an adult who enjoys puzzles and putting things together, I had a difficult time getting it all to fit together.

It starts out looking so simple, with four sheets of cardboard pieces to punch out, some optional stickers, and a string.

IMG_4794   IMG_4795

After about an hour (Tie Fighter took about 15 minutes) it was finally put together and it looks good. It measures about 15 inches long by 13 inches wide by 5 inches high.


And it looks fabulous as part of the Star Wars theme to Boy Child’s room. It fits right in with the Death Star battle scene on his wall.


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