Summer camp at home – 4th of July week

With Independence Day being a summer holiday, I decided to take the whole week to celebrate fireworks and red, white, and blue. I did make one activity celebrating a national symbol as well, the bald eagle. We were away from home for a long weekend for the first day of the week so I needed something easy that I could take with us.

For more ideas, you can visit my Pinterest page.

1) Bald Eagle Tube Craft

This was a simple design I could take on the road while we were away. We covered toilet roll tubes with brown cardstock on the bottom 2/3 and with white cardstock on the top. Then I cut feet and a beak from yellow cardstock and wings from the brown cardstock. We attached everything with tape. Finally, we drew the eyes on with pen. I got the inspiration for this craft from here, although we did it with paper instead of felt.

2) 4th of July celebrations

For this day, we got up early after a very late night arrival back home. The town parade starts at 8:00 and lasts about 2 hours. It also happens to go right in front of our house! We spent the day taking it easy since we were running on a lack of sleep. Then we let the kids stay up late and go see the town fireworks display.

3) Fireworks in a Bottle

This STEM activity looks really cool and is very simple. All you need is water, oil, food coloring, and a clear glass or bottle. It does end quickly though. We ended up doing it twice to fill some time. I followed the instructions on this page.

4) Fireworks at home

We set off some small fireworks at home one night using a package like this. The kids had a great time!

5) Salt Painting

We had a lot of fun making these paintings. It is always fun applying paint with an eye dropper. All you need is paper, salt, glue, and paint. Find the instructions here.


Red, white, and blue fruit kabobs with marshmallows – find out how to make them on this site.

Red, white, and blue Rice Krispie treats – the instructions are here.

Firework fruit kebobs with blueberries and watermelon for Girl Child and with cherries and watermelon for Boy Child. I did not have a star cutter, so I used my snowflake one instead. Here is the link to the inspiration. (It really does look even more awesome with a regular star shape on top)


Sometimes you go with something readily available instead of getting creative. Bomb pops in all of their red, white, and blue glory worked well as a patriotic snack.

I really wanted to try the patriotic punch I found on Pinterest. I was not able to find ANY white drinks in a medium level of sugar. I guess Sobe is not being sold in my area. If you want to see what I am talking about, check it out on this page.

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