Summer camp at home – Cat week

My kids love cats. This is entirely my fault as I also love cats. (I even became a vet because of my love for working with animals!) While I like dogs alright, I am definitely a cat person and I have only had cats as pets as an adult. I grew up with a dog and cat but I always gravitated to the cat. We have had as many as 4 cats at a time, although we have only 1 right now. That cat puts up with young children incredibly well and so she gets a lot of attention from the kids. I decided that we should celebrate cats during one of our summer camp weeks. I went with a combination of house cats and wild cats to mix it up. Don’t be angry with me because I didn’t do a dog week; my kids really wouldn’t be that interested in doing one.

You can see more ideas for cat related crafts on my Pinterest page.

1) Paper craft

We started the week out with a simple printable paper craft. These cat templates are available on this website along with many other paper crafts for kids. I printed them out on 3 different colors of cardstock and then we each colored in the face on one and taped them to a paper base.

2) Squirt gun painting

This was an idea I saw online that looked like a lot of fun! And it certainly was. I adapted it so that we only used orange and black watercolor paint in our squirt guns so that we could make tiger stripe paintings. After the papers were filled, the kids had fun finishing the paints all over the trees and bushed. Then they reloaded with water and went after each other too! Although this is a pretty self-explanatory activity, if you want, you can find the instructions here.

3) Rock painting

We had not tried rock painting yet, so we did it this week with a theme of cats and hearts. I used tempura paints because they were what we had on hand. I think acrylics would show up more brightly. After they were dry, I coated them with a layer of Mod Podge to protect them then we set them out in the garden.

4) Fork painting

Another big cat day; this time using forks to paint lions. I drew a circle in the middle of a yellow paper then filled in a lion face. The kids used orange paint and forks to make the manes on the lions. See the instructions on this page.

5) Paper cat garland

This was my favorite final result of the week. I love the colors. This was a package of coordinating cardstock colors with a light pink, bright pink, light blue, bright blue, and grey. I found the instructions and the cat face template here.


These little marshmallow kitties were just too cute. I used black food color gel on a toothpick to color them since I did not have an edible marker on hand. They are even cuter when you do have a marker to make those lines a little more defined as you can see here.

Mandarin orange fruit cups decorated with a Sharpie to look like a tiger. I had to put these together quickly so I didn’t even look at the inspiration picture when I made them. The kids liked the design anyway and recognized them as tigers without any prompting. I found the inspiration here.

Cat face toast with peanut butter, strawberries, blueberries, and slivers of apple. Find the instructions here.

Goldfish crackers

Lions from graham crackers, pretzels, peanut butter, and raisins. The inspiration is here.

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