Summer camp at home – Minecraft week

This week was a very popular one around our house. They especially loved being allowed to play Minecraft on the PS4 every day. Since it was SOOOO hot outside (too hot and humid to enjoy playing outside except in the early morning hours and too many mosquitoes to play outside in the evenings) I didn’t mind having a week based on inside activities.

There are a lot of craft and activity ideas on Pinterest based on Minecraft. Many of them involve making the weapons found in the game which is probably better for the older kids who can control their aim better when they get started whacking at each other. So I searched for crafts more appropriate for the younger set. Some still involved a lot of help on my part, but I got them involved in some way.

To see my Pinterest board for more ideas, click here.

1) Cardboard tube torches

These torches are easy to put together with a paper towel tube and some construction paper and tissue paper. I found the inspiration here.


2) Paper craft blocks

Minecraft paper craft blocks were a little advanced for the kids so I helped them out quite a bit. Girl Child really liked the creeper head while Boy Child like the gold ore best. I also made them some little paper pickaxes to go with these. The templates are here for the blocks and here for the pickaxe.

3) Creeper stencil shirts

The kids had so much fun doing this craft. And they both wore them the next day. I scaled down the face to 70% for Girl Child’s size 5 shirt and to 95% for Boy Child’s size 7/8 shirt. I used freezer paper to make the stencil and black fabric paint. The key to getting sharp edges on your stencil is to start painting on the paper and work your way toward the middle so that you do not push against the edges of the paper. These two did a great job making their shirts! They washed up nicely too as long as you wait for the paint to cure according to the instructions. This paint needed 4 hours to dry and 72 hours to cure. They were able to wear to shirts the next day but I had to wait 3 days before washing.

I used this creeper face template to make the stencil. Then I re-sized it as needed before printing.

4) Nerf Bow targets

I saw the idea for making a party game using targets and Nerf guns and adapted it for our Nerf bows. The bows we already had and wow can they shoot far! I made some 8×8 construction paper squares and used pictures of Minecraft zombies, skeletons, and creepers as a guide for coloring in the faces.  Then I tied strings to each one and hung them around the yard. They had a great time running around the yard shooting the mobs! I got to spend most of my time locating the Nerf darts so they could keep shooting. This included the one that went over the garage, across the alley, and over the fence into the neighbor’s yard. I did tell you that these things can really shoot far! When we were done, the kids took the faces and hung them on the walls in the room where we have the PS4 to decorate.

5) Creeper Mosaic

The pixellated style of Minecraft lends itself well to mosaics. Everything is square. I cut an 8×8 square for the base and several 1×1 squares in light green, dark green, white, and black. I traced a 1 inch grid on the base and then marked each block with the color code so that the kids could just place the pieces. You could certainly let older kids make their own designs. I followed a perler bead pattern that I saw online.


Enchanted Golden Apples (aka Golden Delicious Apples)

Creeper pizza – I squared off the edges of an individual size pizza crust and squared off the edges of the pepperoni slices to make the face. Find the instructions here.


Dirt block pudding – I used chocolate pudding and green decorating sugar. You cold also use green jimmies or green frosting on top.

Creeper juice (aka green apple Kool-Aid)

Grass block Rice Krispie treats – the bottom layer is uncolored, brown food coloring for the middle, and green food coloring for the top


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