Summer camp at home – Ocean week

Summer time is the perfect time to think about the ocean, so that was the theme for week 2 of our at home summer camp.

I planned an activity and a snack for each day. The ideas, along with many more that I did not use are on my Pinterest board. Feel free to check that out.

1) Paper Plate Biting Sharks

This is an easy craft using supplies we had around the house, paper plates, straws, tape, and blue paint. I had the paper brads on hand since we needed them for the Star Wars jumping jacks we made last week. I went with the metallic blue tempura paint. Each child painted up a section of the plate as outlined in the instructions and template I found here. Once the paint was dry, we cut out the pieces and attached them to the body.

2) Bouncy Ball Stamped Pufferfish

This was my favorite activity of the week! I will have these hanging on the wall for the rest of the summer because I love how they turned out. I followed the instructions here. We used gold and silver paint on black construction paper and then we made a second one each on blue paper. Girl Child decided not to put a face on her second one and she thinks it is so funny that she made a “fish butt”. Child humor!

3) Sand Dough

I liked the concept of this one. I think if I do this again, I will make a cooked playdough rather than following this recipe again. It worked fine for one day, but it is not a playdough you can store for any length of time. I accidentally left it on the counter for the day and it started to rise, so be sure to put it away in the fridge if you plan to use it later that day. We had fun adding some shells and making a little beach. The instructions for this dough can be found here.

4) Ocean Glitter Soap

I have been wanting to try making soap for some time now, so we followed the directions for this ocean glitter soap. I found the toy fish on Amazon and the rest of the soap supplies at Michaels craft store. The kids picked out the glitter and fish and put them in the mold. An adult needs to handle the melting and pouring of the soap since it is very hot. This was very easy and now the kids have special soap to use at bath time. With the bonus of eventually freeing the fish to have as a bath toy.

5) Under the Sea Slime

I loved the look of this slime on the original post. It has swirls of colors and looks beautiful. In real life, it only has swirls of colors for about 5 minutes and then it all blends together into one color. It was all blended before I could even get a picture since I wasn’t prepared. It still makes a lovely colored, very oceany slime that the kids loved to play with. We used a blue glitter glue for the light blue. We mixed clear glue with green liquid watercolor paint and green glitter for a second color and clear glue with dark blue liquid watercolor paint and blue glitter for the third color. I used half recipes for each color so that we would not have an overwhelming amount of slime. The instructions can be found here.


I used blue Gatorade and Swedish fish candies to make popsicles. These were a big hit except the fish get very hard when they are frozen.

These kiwi and green grapes turtles are super easy. The instructions are here.

These ocean pudding cups look very cute. They were not a favorite with the kids because the graham cracker crumbs made an odd gritty texture to the pudding. The recipe is here.

This one was Sprite with some blue food coloring added. You could use any clear liquid or blue liquid if you don’t want to use soda. Soda is a rare treat in our house, so Boy Child was loving this. Girl Child, despite her sweet tooth, has no taste for soda. You could also add a Swedish fish in the drink to make it more like the ocean if you want. My kids said no to Swedish fish after the popsicles though!

The final snack was decorated graham crackers. I used purchased blue frosting and made them very quickly to get something in front of two hungry kids. You could certainly get more creative with the decorating as shown here.

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