Summer camp at home – Pirates & Mermaids week

We are coming into the final weeks of summer! Since we are planning on some traveling before school starts, this will be the last week of summer camp. This time the theme is mermaids and pirates. There is no shortage of ideas online for this one. Take a look at my Pinterest page for more.

I still can’t believe I managed to put together a full 8 weeks of activities and snacks! I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted and ready for school to start!

1) Exploding treasure chests

Make mini treasure chests from baking soda and toys or gems. Then use vinegar to make them “explode” so they release the treasures.

I found the instructions here.

2) Mermaid necklace

A shell, some string, glitter glue, extra glitter, and a glass bead turns into a beautiful mermaid necklace.

Follow this link to find the instructions.

3) Gold and silver slime

I used the basic glitter glue and liquid starch recipe to make gold and silver slime. We added a little extra glitter to make it even more sparkly!

  • 7oz bottle glitter glue
  • 1/2 cup liquid starch

Girl Child wanted to mix them together. Very pretty!

After a bit of play, resulting in a thorough mixing, we ended up with a sparkly sand colored slime. It still fits the week’s theme!

4) Mermaid ice cream

I followed this recipe I found to make this simple, no-churn, ice cream. The kids liked mixing all of the different colors into the ice cream and then layering it in all in the bowl.

5) Ice chest treasure hunt

I found the idea for this game here. It was a fun time on a hot morning. I gave the kids paintbrushes, spoons, squirt bottles, and a big bucket of water to help them melt their ice chests. In the end, they raided the garage for their water blasters to make the melting go even faster!


Apple and cheese sailboats

Pirate booty

Oyster cookies

Mermaid ice cream – This is what it looks like all scooped into bowls.

Gold doubloon Oreos – I used Wilton gold mist spray to color them gold.

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