Summer camp at home – Pokemon week

The kids suddenly developed an interest in Pokemon and requested a Pokemon week…on Monday…after I had already planned a different week. Sigh! Ok, off to Pinterest it was for a last minute plan. I didn’t have to work too hard though, because the first activity was a huge hit and they asked to do it again the next two days as well so they could build up their Pokemon collection. Because of the late start and their interest in repeating the same project, there are only 3 activities listed for this week.

You can check out my Pinterest board for more Pokemon ideas here.

1) Paper Plate Poke Balls

My kids love to play with paper cutouts of their favorite characters, so this was a favorite activity for both of them. Any activity that can get Boy Child engaged and excited is a winner in my book. This one got both of them coloring, cutting, and glueing. The original idea was to glue the Pokemon inside the poke balls, but the kids wanted to have them out to play with instead. They made the first ones on Monday, then asked to make more on Tuesday, and again on Wednesday. I did a google search for Pokemon coloring pages and printed them out to get the individual Pokemon pictures. The instructions to make the poke balls are here.

2) Poke Ball Suncatcher

This is a basic suncatcher project using red and white tissue papers. Find the instructions here.

3) Paper Tube Pokemon

These are very cute printables. You can get them in full color or in outlines that you color in yourself. I wanted the kids to have more time in on the craft so I printed the ones with only the outlines. Find them all here – Pikachu, BulbasaurCharmanderSquirtleVaporeon/Jolteon/Flareon.


This drink was Boy Child’s idea. It is lemonade with a little extra yellow food coloring added. He calls it the Thunderbolt after Pikachu’s attack move.

The simple color scheme of the poke ball lends itself easily to food. Here are three that we put together. All of them came with calls for second helpings!

This fruit tray uses cherries, blueberries, and bananas.

This one uses raspberries, blueberries, and string cheese cut into rounds.

A half cheese/half pepperoni bagel pizza fit the poke ball theme very nicely.

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