Summer camp at home – Star Wars week

I decided to try to keep the kids away from TV and electronics as much as possible over the summer break. One way to accomplish that would be to set up my own mini summer camp with a different theme each week. The first week, I went with Boy Child’s current interest, which is Star Wars. I did let him watch one movie each night so he was happy to have the screen time that was tied to the theme.

For each week, I planned a craft or activity and a snack or food for each day that were tied to the theme of the week. I went to Pinterest and started a board to gather ideas. I saved many more ideas than just the ones that we tried, with some of the activities being better for older kids so we can try them in future years. If you want more ideas, you can visit that board here.

1) Build A Droid

The first craft we made was the build-a-droid using the template found here.

As you can see, we ended up with two similar, yet distinctive droids. This is great fine motor practice for little ones and also a chance to be creative in designing your droid.

2) Star Wars Planets

Next they made some of the planets from Star Wars using shaving cream marbling and crayon resist painting. We also made some sand coated planets using a watered down glue painted onto the paper then sticking sand to the glue. There were a couple of the planets that both kids wanted to make, so there are some doubles. The instructions can be found here.

These were fun for everyone to make. I really liked the variety of techniques we used to make all the different pictures.

 Prepping the shaving cream and colors


 Crayon resist and black watercolor paint

 Death Star 1

 Death Star 2






 Hoth (a)

 Hoth (b)

 Tatooine (a)

 Tatooine (2)

3) Jumping Jack Paper Dolls

The third project was this variety of jumping jack style paper dolls that you can print out from here.

The kids had fun putting these together and they played with them like action figures. The stripes were the result of my printer running out of black ink and the other discolorations were some water stains after they had played with them for a while. They really do look nice when they are freshly printed.

4) Sand foam and Snow foam

For these two projects, I followed the directions here for the sand foam and here for the snow foam. The kids pulled out some of their smaller Star Wars toys to play in the two scenes we created. We used the sand foam for Tatooine and Geonosis and the snow foam for Hoth.

While the kids said they liked the foam, it didn’t keep their interest for very long. And they did not find it that much more interesting than using kinetic sand. Girl Child did comment that “Hoth smells good.” (I made sure to buy the shaving cream with the least amount of odor so it would not be overwhelming but it still smelled like shaving cream.)

Looks like the snowspeeder took down an AT-AT!!!

5) Would You Rather Cards

We were traveling for the final day of Star Wars week, so I took advantage of this set of Would You Rather? cards. We had fun on the car ride going through some of the questions. With 50 questions to choose from, it takes a while to finish the set. We made up some of our own questions as well. Boy Child switched over to Who Would Win? questions after a while, which led to some interesting discussions.


This week I wasn’t very creative with the foods. I was just getting started with the whole summer home camp idea and I took some time to get everything organized. There are certainly a number of ideas for lightsaber based foods out there and I did not get around to making any of them. Two things I did make sure to have though were Bantha milkshakes (I made ours without the pop rocks and we had them while watching A New Hope of course)

 (photo from

and Tie Fighter Nutella S’mores. After serving the Tie Fighters all put together, I put them in the microwave for about 5-10 seconds to soften the marshmallows and turn them into s’mores. They were a huge hit!


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