Tissue paper suncatcher – autumn

Boy Child did one of these projects in his kindergarten class last year. It is so simple that I wanted to give the kids a chance to do it at home too. It does not take many supplies and I happened to have everything I needed on hand. Girl Child is the one interested in doing arts and crafts at home, so I set it up for her.


What you need:

  1. construction paper or large cardstock paper
  2. tissue paper in small squares (I cut up big sheets)
  3. clear contact paper


That’s it, not too much needed!

Cut out the shape you want to decorate using the entire piece of paper. For Halloween I cut out a pumpkin and then for autumn I made a leaf. Cut out the inside so that the paper makes a frame.

Get your squares of tissue paper ready to go.


Place clear contact paper, sticky side up, on the table. Then stick the front of the cutout to the contact paper. It is ok to let the contact paper stick out from the sides. now take all of those little squares of tissue paper and cover all of the contact paper inside of the frame. It is fine for the paper to go outside of the frame since that will all be trimmed off.



Once the contact paper is covered, take a second sheet of clear contact paper and stick it down on top of your picture to make a sandwich.


Trim the excess from around the edges of the frame. Now find a nice window to hang it up in so that it can catch the light.



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