Tutorial – Marker roll-up

Week 5 of the sewing challenge and this time it was making a small roll up bag with individual pockets. I decided to do a marker roll-up rather than the makeup brush holder that was modeled. The other aspect of the challenge was to work with a laminated cotton, but my local fabric store did not carry any, so I will address that with another project down the road.


  • Fabric of your choice – fat quarter compatible or 1/3 yd –  you can use 1 fabric or pick 2-3 different ones depending on the look you want
  • Fusible fleece 1/4 yd
  • thin elastic or round elastic
  • 1 button

Step 1.

Cut your fabric pieces

1 piece 7 1/2 x 16 – for inside panel

1 piece 7 1/2 x 16 – for outside panel

1 piece 8 1/2 x 16 – for pocket

fusible fleece – 1 piece 7 1/2 x 16

All seam allowances are 1/2 inch

Step 2.

Fuse the fleece onto the wrong side of your front panel. Set aside for now.

Step 3.

Fold the pocket panel in half, right sides out, and press.

Place your inside panel right side up. Line up the raw edges of the pocket panel with the bottom of the inside panel. Pin in place.

Step 4.

Mark a line from the top of the pocket to the bottom in the center (8 inches from the side). Then mark every 1 1/2 inches for a total of 9 lines. The ends will be 2 inches wide to allow for the 1/2 inch seams.

  • When you lay out the ruler, you will have marks at 2.0, 3.5, 5.0, 6.5, 8.0, 9.5, 11.0, 12.5, and 14.0 inches.

Step 5.

Sew along each line from the top to the bottom.

Step 6.

Secure a loop of elastic inside the seam allowance on the right side of the panel close to the top of the pocket.

Step 7.

Pin the inside panel to the outside panel, right sides together.

Step 8.

Sew the edges of the panels together, leaving a 2-3 inch opening for turning.

Step 9.

Turn the roll-up right side out. Fold over the seam allowances at the opening and pin.

Step 10.

Topstitch around the entire roll-up, closing the opening in the process.

Step 11.

Position the button 5-6 inches from the edge with the elastic. Sew in place by hand.

Ta-da! You have a marker roll-up. Fill it with a 10 pack of markers and you are ready to go!


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