Wee Hoo iGo bike trailer

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I saw a video review for the Wee Hoo iGo Turbo bike trailer a couple of years ago and I really, really wanted one. We had a basic buggy trailer with the cover at the time and couldn’t justify the $400 price tag when we already had something. We don’t bike regularly so the hand-me-down buggy was much more in line with our biking activity. However, it started getting crowded in the there. Boy Child was growing and his legs were getting way too cramped as well. I had kept the Wee Hoo in the back of my mind and scanned for sales occasionally. I finally found one at a price I was comfortable with on Craigslist and I jumped on it as fast as a could!

This thing is AWESOME! I can’t express how fun it is for the kids. they love feeling like they are part of the biking experience rather than passive passengers. It is rated for ages 2-9 and has a weight limit of 80 pounds. It also comes in a two-seater model. If you want to check them out more, here is the website.

Everything is well thought out on the trailer. It has a three-point harness with a chest buckle to keep your little one secure. They can even fall asleep in the seat safely and comfortably. The recumbent bike position and harness makes Boy child feel very comfortable and safe. He is really scared of sitting on a regular kid’s bike since he feels like he is too high up off the ground. He hasn’t shown any interest in bike riding other than this trailer. He is very comfortable and has a great time when he has a turn in the Wee Hoo. If your child is afraid of bikes, this is a great way to introduce them to how fun it can be.

Some other features include two saddle bags in the back hold the things you need while on your ride.

In addition to the saddle bags, there are two mesh cargo pockets on either side of the seat for those snacks, drinks, or extras that the kids need to have with them. Girl Child likes to take stuffies everywhere she goes as you can see.

Handgrips give kids something to hold on to.

The chain is fully enclosed to keep little fingers and feet safe.

You can even strap in little feet so they stay securely attached to the pedals and do not drag. The foot straps fit Girl Child well, but they are not long enough to strap in Boy Child’s bigger feet. I notice on the website that they changed the foot strap design in 2015. I don’t know if it can accommodate larger feet now or not. Older kids should be able to keep their feet on the pedals by themselves though. The pedals are actually attached to a functional chain that is attached to the trailer’s wheel, so when the kids pedal, they can help propel the bike along. They can be as active as they want or they can sit back and relax if they would rather. (If you choose the Blast model instead of the Turbo, then there is a foot rest rather than pedals. The Blast is for kids age 1-4.)

All of the adjustments use quick release levers and the hitch is self aligning to keep the trailer in line with your bike and to make the turns smooth for your child. The hitch attaches to your seat post, so it can fit most any model of adult bike.

If you are in the market for a bike trailer, give this one serious thought. I am so glad I got it. It really is worth it. You can find them used as well, where they typically list for about $250. This trailer will grow with your child and can be part of your biking adventures for a full 7 years. You can’t say that about any other trailers. It is fun for the kids, and it is very safe for them too.

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